Annual Fire Equipment Assessment Program

This is an audit to perform confidence testing and inspections as required by the Fire Code. It ensures that the installed fire protection system and safety equipment within the building is functional and operating at its designed capacity.

These critical, hands-on, physical inspections provide building owners and their management team with an evaluation of any undesirable conditions, corrective measures, and recommendations to be taken to extend the working operational cycle of the fire and life safety equipment within their building.

Our clients are encouraged to create realistic budget expenditures to allow for a premium audit. This will eliminate oversight and omissions which may result from hasty examination of equipment under a poor appraisal or assessment program.

Water Suppression Fire Systems
Fire Alarm Alerting Systems
Fire Hydrants & Post Indicator Valves
Handheld Fire Extinguishers
Self-Contained Emergency Lighting
Fire Hose Standpipe Systems
Special Hazard Suppression Systems
Fire Department Connections


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