Fire Equipment Preventative Maintenance Training

Regular maintenance, periodic inspection and testing of fire protection systems and equipment are essential. Ultimately, it is the legal responsibility of the building owner and/or their management agency to adequately protect building occupants, and maintain records verifying compliance with the fire code.

As for any equipment, life safety systems deteriorate with time. They are vulnerable to external factors such as corrosive environments, tampering, damage, and careless use. Furthermore, since fire protection equipment is used infrequently, mandatory fire code inspections and tests must be scheduled to prove reliability, operability, and to detect unsatisfactory conditions prior to an emergency.

Our expert field auditors provide step-by-step hands-on training for the selected building personnel to conduct daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and semi-annual checks, inspections and tests. In accordance with the fire code, we will establish methods and techniques for testing, set up logging procedures, build knowledge of general equipment operation and design the periodic timetables and maintenance requirements to meet full compliance.

Fire Alarm & Voice Communication Systems
Wet & Dry Sprinkler Systems
Fire Extinguishers and  Fire Hose Stations
Exit Fixtures & Battery-Operated Emergency Lighting Units
Building Service Equipment & Building Fire Separation
Emergency Power Systems & Elevator Safety Equipment
Smoke Control, Fire Dampers & Fire Separation
Fire Department Connections & Fire Hydrants
Gaseous and Chemical Fire Suppression Systems


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